My journey as a young windsurfer.

Wow what a year its been…..

It all started with a windsurfer my dad bought off of Ebay, £112 for a Starboard Starsurfer Small and a Gaastra 3.4mtr sail, it didn’t take long to uphaul the sail and go down wind and after seeing Jeremy Whale windsurfing at Porthpean I thought that this is a sport I want to have a go at and I joined in the Team 15 group at Polkerris beach.

Team 15 is a great way to start windsurfing, especially if you have a really enthusiastic coach like George, in a very short time we are windsurfing around a course with a few interesting moves mixed in.  We didn’t realise it but learning at Polkerris really was quite hard especially in the waves, and its turned out to be a big advantage now.

Finn 2013 - Champions CUP

My First Champions Cup Event 2013

In my first year in Team 15 we were lucky to get the chance to compete at the Champions cup in Northampton, hundreds of young windsurfers all competing on different courses, I was on the 3.5mtr course with was very busy.  Adam Phipps (also Polkerris) was competing on the 6.8mtr course and was doing really well but too many OCS’s meant he would move down the results, this was a really good introduction to the next step and windsurfing events.

Soon after Julian Parrot mentioned to my dad about the Windsurfing Zone Squads, and then my real journey began, Once a month travelling to Weymouth or Axbridge or Oxford, plus when your involved you get to know about the TCA additional training events, so once a month turns into most weekends windsurfing somewhere, AWESOME !!

The highlight of 2014 was the Bic Techno worlds in Brest in France, in my first race I got an 18th however it did go down hill from here but I did get an award for the youngest competitor and later in 2014 I was given a discretionary place in the UK National Junior Squad – even more awesome.

My First Worlds Race

My First Worlds Race