Mondello European Championships 2018 and Youth Nationals

Mondello was an important event for me because it was the Individual qualification for the Youth Olympic Games. The weather was amazing all week and we had a mixed bag of conditions. The hardest conditions were when the wind was coming off the mountains dropping bombs of 20Knots and then they would be no wind. We did 4 races in these conditions. The race committee were very good as they managed to get 15 races in but some of the races were very short, about 10 minutes long which meant the start was everything. The ice cream was amazing and it was even better in a brioche bun. In the end with some mixed results I came 19th which wasn’t as good as I wanted but enough to secure my place at the Youth Olympic Games.



I had a couple days rest back from Mondello then I did some training on RSX in preparation for the youth nationals which was the following weekend, I then had my Physical profiling in Portland where I achieved my benchmark but with still more training to do to keep up with my targets.


The first day of the Youth Nationals were light winds and due to many OCS’s I picked up 4,2,2,2. Due to fog there was no racing on the second day, the fog then lifted so I went foiling which was a lot of fun. On the last day it was just about planing on the first race and fully planing from there after, I got a 1,4,3,4 which put me second place overall with a fair margin in front and behind me. I was First under 17 which I was very pleased with and it was good enough for me to get selected for National Youth Squad.

This all means it’s going to be a very exciting year with lots of windsurfing and fitness training ahead.

UKWA event at Whitwell is next in the diary which will be a fun event on my 7.8 Techno.