RSX Summer racing

In preparation for the important RSX events this year such as the worlds and europeans my mum and I travelled to Medemblik in the Netherlands for the delta lloyd regatta in the campervan. The original plan was for the youth buys to sail with the senior girls but there were too many senior girls and youth boys to make this happen so we were split. The weather was amazing over the course of the regatta as it was sunny almost every day. On the water there was a mix of conditions and due to the shallow waters there was a difficult shot sharp chop. My results improved every day over the week and I felt my speed was also improving everyday. At the end of the regatta they held a medal race and I was in the top 10 so I was able to compete in it. The medal race was theatre style so there were long thin blue buoys up the side of the course preventing sailors from going too far out to one side this made the racing close and exciting. I really enjoyed the medal race and it was a great experience. The dutch sailors we were camping next to were kind enough to invite us to a barbecue the day after we arrived. Overall the event was a success as I learnt lots and also improved lots.

For the world championships in Penmarche my mum and dad drove me in the campervan and we had a couple days training in extreme heat and thunder and lightning before the event. The campsite we were in were very nice as it had a big swimming pool, a slide and a projector (which was handy to watch the football on), there were also table tennis tables which we were able to use as it was too windy in the afternoon. When the event started we had lots of rain with marginal wind and I got off to a good start. The wind strength stayed fairly similar all week but we had a range of directions. It was mainly sunny but there were spells of heavy rain. My results were mostly a lot better than I expected which meant when I didn’t do so well in the last 4 races it felt like I was doing badly. The event was lots of fun as we could use the pool when we liked and could have barbecues most nights. Overall I am pleased with how I have done and I was 4th U17 which meant I went up onto the stage for the prise giving. I was 21st overall and for my first RSX world championship I was very pleased. Now I am training on Techno for Latvia and the Youth Olympic Games.