Summer Competitions

It has been a very busy summer this year with lots of international competitions and some still to come. The first major one was the RSX world championships in Penmarch, France and we drove there in the camper van, which took less time than some of the events to get to in the UK. The training before the event was in scorching heat but as the event started there was rain and thunder storms. The event was fairly light winds all week with some stable and some gusty conditions. This was my first big RSX event so I wasn’t sure what to expect results wise. I finished the event 21st overall and 4th U17 which i was pleased with.

When I got home I had some days rest and then stayed in weymouth by myself in the camper van for 10 days training on Techno plus and techno 7.8 in preparation for the Techno World championships in Latvia where I would be on a residential. The training was light winds most of the time and I had some good competition racing against the RSX’s on Techno. I then had a few days at home packing and getting ready to go away.

I flew out to Latvia and when I arrived it was incredibly Humid and Hot, the apartment we were staying in was on the small side for all 9 of us nevertheless it was good enough. The racing started and i got off to a good start winning the first race of the event however from there it started to go down hill as we got more light wind races, luckily we had two races of strong winds near the end of the week and i won both of them. This bumped me up to 3rd place just behind second, on the last day we had no races so that is where we finished. I am happy that i finished on the podium but would have liked a better colour. I then flew back home and had a couple days rest before we drove out to Poland for the RSX European championships in Sopot, Poland.











Sopot was a very tricky week of racing due to the wind being offshore and the sailing conditions being very shifty and gusty, also I had just done the techno worlds and I probably didn’t perform as well as I could of and I came 5th U17. However, the venue was amazing and frequent use of the Marriot spa hotel made for a great week. It has been lots of fun.

Now I am training and preparing for the Youth Olympic games in Argentina at the beginning of October and possibly the Techno European championships in Greece after that.

Also its preparation time for school, so it’s going to be a busy Autumn but very exciting.