Grafham 2015 Inland Championship


When I found out my inland championship was in Grafham I was excited ted yet worried because last time I was there, doing an UKJS training camp and the water was green with algae.

The journey up was 4 hours and we got there early so I could get some practice in before the event in about 8knots of breeze. Unfortunately I was the only one out on the water unlike the year before where there was 6 of us who went out practicing before the event.  I learnt that the wind was quite shifty but without a training partner I couldn’t find out much.


The morning of the first day of racing was too light to race as there was only 1-2 knots of wind, meanwhile I watched TV in my van and relaxed. At midday the wind seemed to build a bit so we went out to race. Only to come back in again because the wind had died this was quite frustrating.


Sunday was looking like light winds again but it picked up quickly so we got out on the water early. My first race I came 9th because I went the wrong way up the beat this was ok but in the second race I came 3rd which was amazing. In the afternoon I got a 6th 7th and a 10th which was ok but not my best. I came 6th overall in the event and 2nd 6.8m .


Looking forward to the final event in the UKWA series stokes bay. And after that the final inland event in Pittsford.