World championship sardinia 2015

Pre event training: we arrived at poetto beach 4:00 in the afternoon and I was desperate to get out in the 18 knots of breeze so my dad sorted out my charter board whilst I rigged. It was really fun blasting out on the water but I had to come in before it got dark. My hotel room was really fancy I had my own double bed, a balcony and a very posh shower.

JPH_0563 JPH_0553JPH_0550 JPH_0486

My first day of proper traning started at 10:00 the main focus of the session was technique the wind was marginal we did two 1 and a half hour sessions the second session was racing.


Race day 1: Finished well racing was tricky in the waves and wind but I managed to pull off a third in one of the races. I then set a fairly high expectation for the rest of the week because I knew I could do the same if the wind stayed up.


Race day 2: unfortunately the wind didn’t stay up, it was quite the opposite and the racing was held up till just after lunch. I didn’t do quite as well but considering the tough conditions I did alright.

Race day 3: was windy but the course was held extremely close to shore which made it very gusty. I did not do as well as I wanted and was quite disappointed.

The rest of the week was still very light winds and I managed get some good results overall I was very pleased with my performance and managed to come 26th.