Stokes Bay UKWA


Stokes Bay was a new venue for me so I didn’t know what to expect and it was the final event in the UKWA series. The journey up was  hours long and we arrived on Friday night. The morning started with light winds. The wind wasn’t too light to race but the tide made it impossible because it was as strong as the wind. After my chicken rap I had for lunch the class flags rose we were going to race, the wind had built just enough to race in this was great news. It was very tidal and we had to sail into the tide so it paid off to go into the shelter of the beach and then head in towards the mark in those races I got a 3rd a 2nd but in the 3rd race I was over the line. 🙁  We came in for a short break then went out again for 1 more race which I came 3rd in.

The Sunday started early there was a lot more wind that morning than the last morning the briefing was on time at 10:00 and out on the water ready to race at 10:30. tide was still a big factor in the races but it wasn’t exactly the same as the Saturday so a new strategy was required. I t seemed to work going into shore but it didn’t pay to go all the way into shore it helped to put a hitch in early and then come back again I didn’t figure this out until I came onto land but I did quite well with two 4ths in the morning and a 6th and 7th in the afternoon. Overall I was 1st 6.8m and 4th out of everyone.

Looking forward to the final inland event in Pittsford.