Pittsford 2015 Inland Event


Pittsford is usually a nice place to sail, I have been there many times before and enjoyed sailing on the lake. The journeys were always quite a way though but I have got used to the journeys now.


On Saturday I was still very tired from arriving late the night before my performance would likely be worse. the wind was marginal and it was very gusty which made for some tactical races. The first race I came 5th also I came 5th in the next one to finish off the morning I got a third. When I came ashore my mum had a chicken rap and a drink for me. Then I relaxed until class flags then off I went again it was still gusty and shifty but I was still fatigued from the night before the shows why I got a 6th and 7th which were my  2 discards. That night I was learning how to do the rubix cube (I couldn’t do it) then I went for an early night.

Sunday morning the wind was next to nothing and I had breakfast in bed! I then got changed straight into my wetsuit. For the morning I just rested as there was not enough wind to race but Ali had other plans and had us doing press-ups and pull-ups.  In the afternoon I was raring to go for the final races of the weekend and I worked really hard and applied my knowledge of the wind to pick up my first UKWA 1st and to top it off another 1st.

Next up the world championships in Sardinia really excited.