Winter Training 2014-15

A hard winters training with Louis Morris trying to learn what’s fast and what’s not…


This winter we were really lucky to have Tim Penny (Lowenna’s dad) arrange a series of weekends training @ Windsport, Restronguet. 10am starts on cold winters days, Louis dressed up in full winters gear ready for a long days training.


We also had a training camp at Stithians Lake but it was still cold and timings were the same.

I was joined by Adam, Josie, Joe, Lowenna, Lachie and on the last session Ben came down from Hayling, apart from Lachie, ben and myself everyone else was on 7.8mtre sails.

DSC_2647 DSC_2682 DSC_2656 DSC_2690 DSC_2693 DSC_2698

Board control was our first big part of our training. Reversing is quiet hard if it is not practiced often but we have to know how to do it right before we practice it. All of us moved on quickly to leaning how to carve gybe/tack quickly without loosing too much speed. We did drills where we had to stay inside the boats wake whilst sailing up wind so the closer to the boat we got the faster our tacks would have to be to keep up, as the wake gets smaller the closer you get to the boat. To practice carve gybing Louis set two boys we gybed round then he would pick up on how we all can improve.

The next step was speed mainly working on keeping our body’s upright. This help me especially as soon as I changed my stance my speed increased dramatically this was a big leap up for me.

The final thing we worked on with Louis was starts and trying to put to work the reversing we learnt previously to stay on the line and keep our space, which is hard as other people are wanting to take your space on the line.

Looking forward to my first event at Christchurch, I hope its windy 🙂