February Techno Training Camp.

6am start and running a bit late I arrived at the Osprey Leisure Centre ready for the fitness test hoping all the training I have been doing will pay off. Thankfully all the training did pay off and beat all the results I got in the last test by a considerable amount. The tests consist of Push-ups, supine rows, (Pull-ups in a horizontal positon knees bent and feet on the floor) standing long jump, T-test, (run to cone 2 side step left to cone 1 side step right to cone 3 and then back to cone 2 then run back wards to the finish line.) bleep test, prone hold.


Training started shortly after the fitness test and we went windsurfing outside the harbour focusing on using the waves to our advantage.

The next day of training started at 7:25 when we ran from the aqua hotel to the WPNSA where we did the RYA supersets. In the morning session we went out into the bay for 3 and a half hours trying to improve speed. It was really wavy and windy but the hours went by fast as I was having a lot of fun. The afternoon session was only 1 and a half hours where we did some filming.

3rd day of training started later at 7:40 but the same routine applied. The morning session was lighter winds than yesterday but gradually built throughout the morning the main focus was down wind pumping. It was extremely cold and we were out for 2hours 40 minuts so when I came in my hands were like ice. In the afternoon it was 1 hour long and we did filming again that night I had an early night to bed.

The last day I was ready for the run to the aqua at 7:40 again following into the supersets the breakfast. It was the lightest winds over the camp and the focus for the morning was power pumping which by the end of the morning I managed to grasp. The afternoon was windier and more focused on blasting and having fun. 7:30 to bed for me!

Tuesday night was spent in the van at WPNSA, although very wet and windy I slept really well, but still very tired from the NJS training.

The TCA training started on Windy Wednesday, a total of 36 turned up for more Techno training, there is a real mix of ages and standard but its great to see so many new faces and hopefully they will attend some of the UKWA events this year.

The TCA training is great fun, its not so serious and we get a lot more time to free sail and get coached at the same time, we had a mix of conditions over the week, on Friday the conditions were great and we focused on speed and gybes, we were asked to sail with no hands, long jump and sometime twin stringing, if we were near a coach boat we were given a Haribo (easily pleased) I think Ali ate most of them !

On the last day I managed to get out on a 6.5 and slalom board for a play whilst most of the others were being taught to beach and water start on short board and small sails, as the wind increased I changed down to a 5.25m and a 79ltr kombat. After the hectic week of fun/hard work I was ready to go home to my own bed but still wish I could go windsurfing everyday…school.