UKJS Easter Camp 25th-28th March


School finished on Thursday afternoon which was great and meant I could get up to Weymouth a day early to get some training in, this which was not helpful for the camp itself as the forecast was looking around 20-30 knots for the three other days. When I arrived at Weymouth I was surprised to see so many technoes out before the camp and I was excited to get out windsurfing in the 12knots of wind plus the sunshine; It felt like summer. Out on the water I was practicing downwind pumping and upwind power pumping I even got to try out an 8.5 RSX which was really fun.


At 9:30 the next morning I had rigged up my 6.8mtr sail and was quite nervous about going out as it was extremely windy. After my briefing I was sent out onto the water, I coped a lot better than I thought I would and had a very fun session doing carve gybes. the afternoon session was very much the same focussing again on our gybes. After all this I was very tired and slept well in the hotel aqua.


My alarm went off at 6:55 and I realised I had a long day ahead of me. The squad and I met outside at 7:25 and ran to the WPNSA where we did various excises which were hard work. After breakfast we were told to rig up, I rigged up the same sail as yesterday and the wind was around the same. Out on the water in the morning we did carve gybes and then went into a windward leeward course, we did this until the wind picked up so much it was hard to sail any more and stood on the sand banks waiting for the wind to drop off before we went in. The afternoon was also windy but the tide had gone out a lot so luckily I could stand up when I fell in. Once I was de-rigged, packed away and had some food in me I walked back to the aqua for more food before I went to bed.


The final day was loads more fun because in the morning, when it was too windy to go out sailing, we played some touch rugby and other team based games. In the afternoon the wind dropped slightly and then we all went short boarding, which I was very happy about, this was also a lot of fun.


Next could be an event in La Rochelle France if Mum of Dad can take me, unfortunatley ive not had much race training, and it would be good to race the French on their own water, it will give me a good idea of what i need to work on next.

Loads of Pictures my dad took

Friday training pictures Pre Camp

Saturday Pictures from the beach

Sunday Pictures from the RIB