Pwllheli August 26th-30th

  • Pwllheli was the 5th event of the UKWA series, however the UKJS decided to do training 3 days before . The first training day was rough and windy and launching was difficult but my squad mates and I managed it. First briefing was a 10:00 am and on the water by 11:30 am, we sailed up wind for 10 miles out to sea practicing using the up haul and keeping the rail flying. It took a lot less time to come in as it was an onshore breeze and we were going down wind fast. We did longer sessions than usual  on the water due to the pain of launching and recovering. When we got off the water Ali Masters gave a debrief and then I had early night preparing for the next day.

On the second training day it was really all the same except a earlier start of 9:30Am and on the water by 10:30Am. Again a long day on the water high winds and rough seas and hard training this was the case for the third day as well, then I was looking forward to race day. Now its race day and we were all raring to go after the briefing I got changed and prepped ready to go out. The conditions were as they were at the UKJS training wavy and windy so it was time to put into practice what I learnt.

In the morning I was a bit hesitant to do this incase it wasn’t as fast. The results I got were an 8th and a 6th. In the afternoon I tried to put in to it all that I had just learnt it obviously worked as I got a two 4ths. The racing was challenging in the waves especially starting and also trying to keep my self from blasting round and doing jumps.

Racing day 2 was a different story the conditions were the opposite apart from the sun the wind was offshore and light the sea was as flat as it could be. There was no racing in the morning because the lack of wind but the wind built enough for us to race. This was not my favoured conditions but you have to sail in what your given. The results I got were 5th and a 8th. Overall I came 6th but 2nd in the 6.8m fleet.

Leaving .....