UKWA Christchurch

Pre Christchurch was Plymouth NJS @ Zones Training,  I was glad because it was only an hour away from us, this meant I could come home each day after training. The main focus of the weekend was prestart and start and that’s what we did a lot of. As the weekend progressed I improved my starts greatly and my racing benefited as well. I’m pleased with how I did and looking forward to Christchurch which would be a good event for me to practice everything I have learnt in La Rochelle and Plymouth.

We arrived there at 9:00 p.m. Friday night and put the awning up before going to sleep @ 9:30 this is late for me, i normally like to be asleep by 9 at the latest before a hard event.

Briefing the next morning was at 10:15 a.m. and we were on the water racing by 11.

Day 1

Race 1 – Light and shifty winds.  I had a reasonable start and decided to head out to sea, unfortunately the tide was having a major effect and the people who went into the shore came out on top at the first windward mark, I rounded in 9th and had worked really hard off wind to pull back to 6th.

Race 2 – I had a good start and rounded 1st at the windward mark, I was being chased hard by Lucy Graystone on a 8.5 techno plus, Lucy got passed me on the second upwind but 2nd was a great result against the 7.8’s. Ethan Moody also had a great race with his best UKWA result an awesome 3rd.

I was pleased with how I did in the morning getting a 6th and a 2nd but looking to improve in the afternoon.JPH_7430

Race 3 –  In the afternoon the wind had built to 18 knots before the start but then dropped off throughout the race, I had a good start at the Starboard end of the line I sailed a fast first beat arriving 1st at the windward mark, a good distance ahead of the first 7.8, I wasn’t as fast downwind and the 7.8 s were on top of me at the leeward gate, again I out paced the 7.8’s and arrived 1st at the windward mark and held onto the lead to win the race.

I was very pleased with how I did winning that race and leading the event going into the next day, hoping I could stay at the front.

Day 2 started earlier with the first possible start being at 10:00 a.m., the racing that morning didn’t go as well for me and the conditions were sunny but not a lot of wind, but still enough to get plaining at times. On the 6.8 I had to fight really hard, unlike Saturday the bigger sails seem to have a huge advantage just enough for them to rail earlier.

Race 4 – I had a good start but couldn’t tack back inside so I chose to go out to sea not taking advantage of the tides, this was ok but some of the people who went into the beach had a good lead, which I couldn’t make back, I finished 7th.

Race 5 – Good start, tacked back early into shore, but the tide was now slack and no real advantage, the pressure was out to sea and I fought hard to round near the front of the fleet, I had a good race with Izzy Adcock who pushed me all the way to the finish, both Islay Watson and Molly Densley had good races and finished at the front, again I managed a 7th pushing me down the overall leader board to 5th.

The afternoon however went a lot better for me as the wind picked up to around 15 knots (a lot windier than the morning), but the 7.8’s were flying and Lucy was untouchable on the 8.5 Techno Plus.

Race 6 & 7 – I tried really hard, but only managed two 4ths but I managed to stay ahead of Molly and Ben and beat Islay in one of them, Hugo Thomas had two very good races and in the mix was Jeremy Whale with there best results of the competition, just showing that when the wind picks up the boys start to fly.


6.8’s competing with the 8.5 and 7.8’s

Overall this put me equal 3rd but 4th on countback, 1 point behind 2nd, I was 1st Boy overall and I won the U15 6.8mtr fleet and came 4th in the techno fleet so I’m happy with how I did and showed consistent results across a wide wind range, I am now looking forward to the next event in Whitwell at the end of May.

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