Interleague Biscarrousse, Bordeaux May 2016

The preparation for Bordeaux began on Tuesday afternoon packing my sailing gear which followed on to Wednesday afternoon doing homework and packing the van ready to get to Plymouth which was a bit of a rush.

Once my dad and I got to Plymouth we met up with Ali and Ethan who we showed around the van and eventually set off to go onto the ferry. I was very excited because it was my first event without my parents.

The ferry crossing was overnight and smooth and we were first off the ferry to head straight to Bordeaux, on the way we stopped for a break and played a bit of football where me and Ethan found out how bad we were.


We found the part of the lake in Biscarrosse that we were supposed to be sailing from in about 8 hours after a bit of navigation. We then set up camp, tried to improve football skills, had a look around and then went to bed. The next day we woke up at 7:30 and launched the rib to have a 2 and a half hour training session in the morning, it was 12-15 knots and really fun tuning upwind against Ethan. The afternoon session was slightly windier and we managed to get in 2 hours before a good nights sleep before the racing the next day.


We woke up at 8:00 to prepare ourselves for the racing which started at 2:00 we hoped to get some practice in before the racing began but the coaches meeting said that we couldn’t go out before the racing.
It was great to see Thomas my french friend and the CN Angoulin Club who I met at my last visit to France, thank you to Chrystel for the photos.
At 1:30 the class flags for techno RSX and raceboard went up and we then set afloat to get to the coarse area. I had to wait a bit for my start as the 6.8m minime Garcons were the last start, my start was really good and I managed to win the race with a lot of hard work but unfortunately I was over the startline and got an OCS. The next race I had another good start but made some mistakes on the upwind but managed to claw it back to 2nd with Ethan close behind in 3rd. The third race again started well and managed to lead the fleet for the entire race and got a 1st place. When we got off the water Ali cooked us food and then we played some football before going to sleep.


Race day 2 started earlier as the first posible start was at 11:00 but the plan changed as the RSX and raceboard sailors went out in the morning and we went out in the afternoon. My first race of the day was good and so was my start but my upwind tactics weren’t good but I still got a 3rd and Ethan managed to win his first race.The second race of the day started well but again I kept going the wrong way up the beat and ended up 5th (this meant i was on the wrong side of the wind shifts). The last race of the day was really good as I had a good start and tacked into the wind and my board speed ended up with me winning by a lot.


Race day 3 started the same time as the day before but the first race was a marathon with a rabbit start (where a boat crosses in front of the fleet and all windsurfers have to cross behind it) it was very busy as all the fleets were on one line about 100 windsurfers luckily i managed to get away just enough to come 3rd 6.8. Then we did another race which went horrible for me as I struggled to get clean wind and kept going the wrong way but overall I still managed to come 4th and only 4 points off second, I thought I could have done better but I have learnt lots from the event and I have improved my starting dramatically, also my football skills have improved a lot.

We left Bordeaux the day after racing at 4:00 a.m. in the morning the journey to Roscoff was smooth untill we reached the N12 where lorry drivers were on strike and blocked the road so we had to detour in non moving traffic, we eventually made it through and just got to our ferry on time, we managed to have a short nap on the ferry and from then on it was simple to get home.
I am very grateful to Ali for taking us and supporting us through the event, to mum and dad for letting me go and for Truro School for authorised absence to enable me to experience the French regatta.
I am now looking forward to the next UKWA event at Whitwell next weekend.
I will be taking my football to continue my ball skills!!