UKWA Whitwell

I was very excited for the event in Whitwell as there are lots of games, BBQ’s and it is a nice place to sail. Lachlan and myself were picked up from school and arrived at Whitwell at about 10 pm which meant we didn’t have a lot of time before going to bed, we were woken with Bob on the tannoy “good morning UKWA competitors welcome to Whitwell registration is now open”, I gave in my sponsorship money on entry and got a cool t-shirt, there wasn’t a lot of wind but our class flag went up and we went on the water for our 1st race. I managed to round the windward mark in first place but unfortunately the wind dropped completely and the race was cancelled, Lachlan also did well in the abandoned race, we were sent ashore to wait for the wind, in that time we had a little rest just a bit of time for a kick around. Our class flag went up again and we all went afloat but there wasn’t enough wind so we went to the nearest shore and played with the frisbee and had a kick around with the football, until the wind picked up.


We then managed to have 2 races of which I had two good starts and came 4th and 5th overall.
In the evening we had great fun we had a game of man hunt and played ultimate frisbee !


The Rutland marathon was planned for Sunday afternoon which I was really looking forward to as my dad had also entered on a race board and he borrowed a sail from Louis Morris. In the morning we did 3 races which were really tricky as the wind was shifty and gusty, I had one good start and sailed the left side which paid but when I tacked I then went too far out to the right and lost places as I came to the windward mark I finished 14th.

In the second race I had a good start and sailed fast which gave me a 2nd.

In the third race had quite a good start, I played the lifts but as I tried to come back to the mark I got a header lost places finishing 9th.

The Rutland Marathon was a rabbit start but I felt like the boat went from the wrong end of the line, it went from windward to leeward so everyone on the leeward found it really hard to get a good start and I was around the middle which meant I only had an ok start and not where I wanted to be. We sailed for around 2 hours and I came in at 14th techno, but would have like to have done better, but overall the event was a success winning the 6.8 fleet I had a really big plaque for the Marathon which I can get engraved, my dad was pleased as he finished mid fleet out of the race boards awesome result.


We stayed on Sunday night which was great fun, we had a bbq and played rounders.

We then went on to camp at Rutland sailing club for a 3 day windsurfing camp which was really windy, we spent a lot of time on the water, where we learnt how to stay and play on the shifts and lots of races which was really good practice and fun but very tiring.

My feet were very sore so I was pleased to be doing a couple of days revising when I got home. They didn’t take long to harden up and I went for a long bike ride with Jeremy Whale. Saturday their was no wind so I went wakeboarding and had a light wind practice day on Sunday at Porthpean on a 7.8 with a race board which was fun.

I am now looking forward to the next UKWA event at Herne Bay this weekend.

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