UKWA Datchet

Datchet is one of the smaller UKWA events but it is still really fun, luckily this year unlike the last the wind direction meant the planes weren’t flying directly over the lake, this made for a good nights sleep.

We were woken up by the tannoy in the morning and I got ready to go out racing. The wind was light and very shifty which made for hard racing in the morning unfortunately we only managed to get one race which I came 1st in. We then came in for lunch which my mum had prepared for me and went back out again in more wind for the afternoon in these two races I got a 1st and a 2nd.

That night I played some football, rode around on my skateboard before watching TV and going to sleep.

I woke up in the morning to the sound of sails and planes I woke up a bit late so I had to quickly rig up and get changed there was more wind than yesterday so out on the water I had to pick the right shifts and stay in the pressure which was really hard work. I got a 2nd and a 4th. The pressure was on in the last two races as me Ben and Sam were on close points.

The first race in the afternoon was tight and was hard fought, Ben won the race I came second and Sam came 4th this meant I had to beat Ben to win because if Ben won he would have won overall! The first race was underway I got a clean start but missed out on a couple of shifts which put me behind Ben and Sam I managed to get back in phase and get a lift up on the inside. I rounded the mark in second place quite a way behind Sam I caught him up down wind and used board speed to catch him up, I learnt from my mistake of going below the tower and went above it this meant I got another lift up the inside rounding the windward in first and sustaining it down wind I won the race and got FIRST OVERALL😀!!!!!

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