2016 Techno293 European Championship Sopot – Poland

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It was a long journey from Weymouth to Sopot and it took a very long time but it wasn’t hard for me because I could just sleep most the way until we arrived in the Sopot 34 campsite. The site itself was amazing but the showers were only hot at certain points in the day the day we arrived we didn’t do a lot except for understanding where everything was and pre-event training started the next day, we did morning and afternoon sessions focusing on speed in the light winds, the afternoon was racing, in the evening the coaches Ali and Lewis took us all out to a Mexican in Sopot town were I had lots of meat to eat.

The pattern of focusing on speed in the morning and racing in the afternoon stayed the same for all three of the training days and the conditions were hot and light winds. In the afternoons we usually played basket ball on the courts they had on site this was great fun.

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We all had a rest day on the Saturday and watched the practice race we used this day to register and measure all of our kit.

Race day 1: after a very long day waiting, the wind filled in and we managed to get 2 races in light winds of which I was pleased with as I got a 6th and a 3rd now overall I was placed 6th which was very good unfortunately someone protested me and I was up late at night I won the protest though which was good.

The second day of racing was not as good for me as the first day the wind was slightly more this meant some people were railing and some were not I was also tired from the night before the races were hard work and I got a 12th and a 7th now overall I was 11th. Unlike the night before I managed to get an early night to bed.

The third day of racing was going to be the end of qualifying where the fleets split into gold and silver it was very hot and I knew it was going to be hard work. it was light winds again and I was more refreshed throughout the races I made some mistakes like knowing going to the right side was paying but going left with the majority I hope to learn from this next time, in the two races we did I got two 8ths.

Another light wind, hot day was ahead of me and now the fleets have been split into gold and silver I will be racing all of the good people instead of half of them this could work with me or against me. My first race started well and I was third round the windward mark one person overtook me on the two broad reaches which were supposed to be a down wind and a reach but the wind had switched direction I rounded the leeward gate in fourth as I was going up wind the wind switched completely which put me back to sixth and I finished the race in 7th because of a photo finish at the finish line. The next race also didn’t go as well as I hoped and I got an 11th I was now 13th overall and 14th was 24 points behind which was a lot.

There was more wind forecasted for today and I was very pleased I’m not sure what happened but I think I was so keen the wind was strong I started making silly mistakes which got me a 9th but the next race I rounded the windward in 3rd but the next upwind I had to do a double tack at the mark because I under laid it which cost me three places and a came 6th I was now 11th overall.

Coming into the last day I wanted to achieve my goal of a top ten result I could only achieve this with some good results the wind was light again and the sun was hot. The first race went well for me and I got a 7th this sealed my fate of a top ten result the next race I needed at least an eighth to get to ninth I was first off the line and was looking to win it until I got caught on the opposite side of the shift and ended up 26th in that race.

Overall the event was a success I achieved my goal of top ten and the waffles were great and I’m looking forward to sleep on the journey home.