Pitsford Summer Camp/Pwllheli Camp UKWA Event

I had a very busy few weeks coming up, after competing in Weymouth for a UKWA event I travelled to Pitsford for Summer Camp. I was very excited to try out my new tent and matress, when we arrived I soon realised that tents don’t block out noise very well so I didn’t sleep as well over the week as I had hoped, but really enjoyed the experience.The summer camp conditions were very light winds but also sunny and hot, the food there was great and I rarely went hungry. In the day it was mainly windsurfing but we also did some very strange warm ups like forward roll races and side roll races. In the evening we did Olympic themed activities which were quite fun. I had a great time and had lots of fun.

Straight after summer camp I went to Pwllheli for a more serious and focused training camp. On the first day of training the wind was very strong and the waves were very big if it wasn’t for lots of help from parents and the 7.8 boys lots of people wouldn’t have got out on the water. We did one long session out on the water because of the waves. Day 2 again was a long session with light winds practicing pumping technics.

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The next day of training started off light winds and we did tuning upwind, the wind dropped off completely and we came in for lunch, then the wind picked up again and we went out for the final session of the day and it was very hot when the sun came out. On the last day we had little wind still but it was sunny which was nice and we did one big session again in the afternoon, then the wind picked up and we did lots of racing. Big thanks to Ali Masters for the training at the summer camp and Pwllheli.


Friday was our rest day where we chilled and caught the train into Pwllheli for a hot chocolate then in the evening a few of us went into wetherspoons for our evening meal.


Race day 1 – I woke up late after the rest day and was ready to go, it was very light winds and the tide was taking us downwind which made for some hard races, in the first race I was second which was good but I got caught on the wrong side of some shifts which put me back to 3rd but I was still happy, the next race I had a good start and stayed ahead the whole race and got a first then we then came in for lunch. In the afternoon the wind was still light and the sun was still out and the 2 races went very well for me and just kept getting good starts and staying ahead which lead me to two 1st. We had a BBQ after racing which was fun, I then went to bed early and got a good night sleep.

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Next day was forecasted to be the same and it was in the morning, but the waves were still coming in strong, I got out fine but others did not. In the first race I lead all the way around the coarse and won another race but the next race went badly as I had to do a 360 for infringing the rules on the start line this put me back to 7th which I ended up discarding. On the way back in the wind switched to offshore and we had to go upwind to get in, unfortunately I mistimed the recovery and got hit by a very big wave as I tried to get my kit up the beach, luckily my kit and me were fine thanks to Julian and Ben and other parents who came to help. The wind picked up for the afternoon races and they all went quite well I got two 4ths and a 3rd, I was pleased with this and ended up winning the event overall which I was very happy about.

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On our way home we went through Snowdonia and the views were amazing.

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I am now sort of looking forward to going back to school and can’t wait for the Nationals at Rutland.