RYA / UKWA National Championships Rutland Water

I left school at 3:45 on Friday afternoon after having my first week back after the holidays, which went really well. We headed off in the van to Rutland where I managed to get up to date with my homework. We arrived quite late at night but in time to get our camping spot and set up for the next two days.


I woke up later than usual but I left myself just enough time to get to the briefing, get changed and rig, Unfortunately the racing was delayed due to lack of wind, but we did manage to get out onto the water for the afternoon. We managed to do three races and they went OK for me but my tactics needed improving especially on the first two races but I felt fast on the water. My race results were a 6th 4th and a 1st. We then came in for the day and we all had a good evening meal in the Rutland sailing club, also lots of people went on the bouncy castles where we all had great fun, then not too late a night so I was ready for racing again tomorrow.


The next day we started a lot earlier but it didn’t make much difference as we were waiting on the water for 2 hours due to the light and shifty wind conditions. Eventually we got our first start and mine was very good because I started at the port end and was right on the line but I went too far to the left side of the course because I thought that was where the wind was but this just pushed me back the fleet, then I gained about 4 places downwind but I then went up the second beat and I went left again thinking there was more wind but I was wrong so I got my worst result of the event.


In the afternoon I was more focused and determined to do well and it worked, i managed 2 good starts, as the conditions were really shifty but slightly windier I kept my tactics simple and tried not to over think things and I got a second in the first race of the afternoon, the next race went very well for me as I was winning until the final downwind when Molly found a gust from a long way back and overtook me just before the last reach. Well done Molly.

jph_9406 jph_9388 jph_9374 img_20160911_091300 img_20160911_091231 img_20160911_091228 image

End of racing for today, which meant I won the 6.8 U15 Boys which was awesome but I was 1 point short of winning the Techni fleet overall but was very pleased that Ben won the U17 Boys and a big well done to all competitors and coaches and helpers we had such a great event with lots of fun.

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