Latvia,Liepaja European championship 2015

The European championships was in Latvia,Liepaja, this was a surprise for me as I hadn’t even heard of the country before but I guessed it was a long way away. The journey up took 24 hours driving staggered over two days. We eventually got there and started to set up camp GBR with the Carey’s.

Camp GBR

Camp GBR

The pre event training started for me on Tuesday and went on till Friday it was quite cold but sunny at the same time and I don’t think my mum and dad we’re prepared for the cold weather in their shorts and t-shirts.
The conditions over the training days were windy and massively wavey with one day that started light and ended windy so looking forward to hopefully a windy event. Over the weekend I did a small competition called the Baltic cup which happens to be in Latvia whilst I was there. I won this event which put me in high spirits before the European championship.

Baltic Cup
On the Monday there should have been a practice race but the race committee said they didn’t need the practice as they had just done the Baltic cup (the practice race is for the race committee not the sailors).
The first race day was light winds and in the morning we did 2 races of which I came 47th and a 44th because I kept going the wrong way. In the after noon I changed my approach to the starts and went the right way which caused me to get a 16th.
Race day 2 Tuesday was windy and wavey however they raced all fleets except 6.8m boys and girls this was because the committee boat was being sea sick (personally I think they should all just man up).


Wednesday was also windy and wavey but they had to race us first as we didn’t race yesterday. It was quite easy to be in the to 2thirds because only 2thirds of the fleet got out. These were my more favoured conditions compared to Tuesday this explains my results. I got a 20th a 20th and a 17th.
Race day 4 began with me getting annoyed because he had to move to a harbour just because a third of the fleet couldn’t get out, I was annoyed about this but you have to do what your told. It was light and flat in the harbour which wasnt very good conditions and wasn’t as exiting as in the waves and I came away with a 52nd and a 43rd.

In the harbour

Friday was strong winds and we were still in the harbour luckily we didn’t have to cram our kit into a trailer to be stored over night because the Norwegian team were really nice and took our board and the Dutch team took my mast, sail and boom and a Scottish parent Howi helped get it there in the morning. We did 2 races in the morning which I came 17th and 21st and in the afternoon I came 12th.

Latvia overall was a fantastic event and I hope to improve before Sardinia, which is the Techno 293 world championships. I also need to work on my starts if I’m going to progress forward.