Foiling with Sam Ross

As a birthday surprise from mum, dad they organised for Sam Ross to take me foiling. This is something i have always wanted to do.

On the way up to Weymouth our wheel started to come off the rib trailer, so dad had to fix it by replacing the wheel bearing, due to this we arrived a little late but when we arrived it was warm and sunny i was pleased because i knew i would spend a lot of time in the water.

The sails were all rigged and ready to go, Sam explained the exercises we were going to do on the water which would speed up the progression of me getting foiling, I was shocked that i only needed a 4.8m sail to get foiling in 12 knots.

The most important rule of foiling is always keep hold of the boom, this way the foil cant hit you, i experienced a few points in the session where if i didn’t hold onto the boom i would have hit the foil.

Because the foil is so big it brings volume to the back of the board so you can get into the straps early and easily which can help you get onto the foil.

The way Sam taught me to get on to the foil was when you pump make the board bounce up and down this helps the foil lift you up.

The first exercise was bunny hops where you lift the board up and bring it down again under control, this helped me get the feel for the foil without being out of control, once you got that then you can start to make the board glide in the air for as long as possible. During this i found i was out i was putting so much pressure on my back foot that the foil came out of the water and i came down with a thump. I soon learned to control this using very subtle back foot movements and keeping the sail upright and as subtle sail movements as possible.

The foil i used to begin with was a horue foil which needs less speed to get onto the foil which helped me learn easier the second foil Sam put me on was the F4 this foil needed more speed and didn’t get on the foil as easily however this foil was longer which meant i could go higher without the foil coming out of the water. By the end of the first session i was up and foiling and keepiing it on the foil for long periods of time however i still fell in.


In the afternoon when i went on the F4 i struggled to get it going upwind, the foil needed either more wind or a larger sail, so i decided to try gybing on the foil my entry was ok but i needed to keep my weight fully over the foil the whole way through the gybe. Unfortunately ill have to save gybing for another day.

A Huge thank you to Sam Ross for letting me use his equipment over the day and teaching me and my dad so well, if you thinking of foiling give Sam a call first, it could save you a lot of pain.