New Years Race in Cadiz

We flew from Bristol to Malaga and then drove to Tarifa then on to Cadiz where we were warmly welcomed by Aurelio and his family. It was sunny and warm when we arrived and I went out for a light wind windsurf. Over the next couple of days I would be staying with Aurelio in their home, this was very nice of them to do this.

The first day of racing came quickly and there were 20-22 knots on the race course occasionally dropping below and on the first race my slot flusher came out which put me into third and left me in a bad shape for the rest of the races of the day. Due to this incident I got three 3rd’s but I still had speed on fourth place.

The next day was windier with winds from 22-28 knots and the first two races went well and I got 2 seconds but the last race was more survival just getting around the course. I managed to do this quite well so i got another second behind a Russian.

The last day of racing, we arrived at Puerto Sherry with very light winds, so racing was delayed until the afternoon. We eventually headed off out to the race course where the wind was building to about 20 knots, we did 3 races where I had 2 good starts and managed to get 2 seconds, the Russian was quicker than me and it was a bit of a speed race, the third race I had a bad start and couldn’t catch up finishing 3rd behind Aurelio. The prize giving was held at the end of the day and I came 2nd overall, behind the Russian and just ahead of Aurelio, we had a great time racing and the courses were quite big and at times the conditions were challenging but we all had great fun.

In the evening I was invited to one of Aurelio’s friends house for a party because it was his birthday, Isak and Helle from Norway also came and we had a great time.

For New Years Eve we were invited to Aurelio grandparents house with all the family, it was a great experience where we ate grapes at midnight then had fireworks. We all had a lovely time.

Hopefully we will be able to go back again next year.

This is a great place for winter training, we were especially lucky with the weather but if your looking for a friendly winter regatta, put this one high on your list.