RYA National Championships at Grafham Water

When i found out the windsurfing national championships was in Grafham i was not very happy because it is gusty and the last time I sailed there the water was full of killer shrimp and green algae. However i had no choice. The first day of racing was in railing conditions, about 12 knots and it was very gusty and shifty. I managed to win both of the two races in the morning despite the random element of the conditions. In the afternoon the wind had dropped slightly but we got the next two races in and i won both races again. After all the racing they held human table football which was excellently commentated over by Lewis May.

The following day we had a mixture of thunder and lightning which brought a fantastic rainbow.

Then as soon as this cleared we had a a slightly windier day which i was pleased about because it would be more fun. I won both races in the morning and then we went out for the final race in the afternoon which was a lot windier than the previous races, about 18-20 knots. This race was the most fun and to seal the event i also won that race as well. Overall i enjoyed the event and now i am preparing for the next UKWA in Stokes Bay and the world championship in Salou, Spain.