UKWA Round 6 Stokes Bay

I left on Friday afternoon from school for a 5 hour drive to Stokes Bay for the UKWA cup 6. On the first day the wind was light and it was cloudy. We only managed to get two races in over the course of the day because the wind got too light. However in the races we did it was hard work but I won both of them. In the afternoon the sun came out which was nice but unfortunately it didn’t stay for the next day. We had a bit of fun on our skate boards and had steaks on the bbq which was really nice.

The next day was cloudy and in the morning for the first two races there was not a lot of wind but in the last race the wind picked up which was fun. I won all of these races. In the afternoon the wind had dropped off again and I somehow managed to rip my sail. I sailed the first race with a ripped sail and just managed to scrape a first place but then I came in because I didn’t want to rip the sail anymore. It turns out it didn’t matter because I still had a discard. I ended up winning the event and the UKWA cup series. I have really enjoyed all the events and I am thankful to the UKWA and all the helpers for running these events as they are lots of fun and really good training practice for the international regattas.

Now with only a week to go it is time to prepare for the world championships in salou.